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Sewing - For Me

Once upon a time I sewed nearly all my clothes (and many for my children, especially when they were very young), yet it's been over 11 years since I last sewed for myself - and that was a maternity dress. 

I have always had something of a minimalist wardrobe, largely content to rotate through three of four outfits, wearing them all year round, with the addition of a couple of jackets for cooler days. Several of our children follow my lead, while others have a 'need' for greater variety when it comes to clothes.

After wearing the same few outfits constantly they were beginning to wear out, as my clothes tend to do. Despite casually looking for replacements over the last few months, I hadn't found what I was looking for. Then one morning a few weeks ago I woke up with the idea of making that skirt I hadn't been able to find, using a fabric bought on clearance (at $1.99/yd) in 2010, originally intended for a quilt back.

Some thread and a zip were purchased that day, and while at Lincraft (fabric/craft shop) I found some white broderie fabric for a top and lovely soft cotton voile to line the top. They happened to have a fabric sale on at the time which made the decision easier. Just like in the past, I didn't use a pattern but chose to use clothes which fit well as my 'pattern' guides, adjusting as I go.

The photos tell the story from there. The skirt has a centre back zip and some light interfacing in the waistband and is just the length I wanted (one of the benefits of making it myself). The top is a loose fitting, slightly flared, pop over the head style, and very cool for our warmer days which are fast approaching. In fact I liked the top so much I have already made a second identical one (yes, I often buy/make duplicates when I find something I'm really pleased with - am I the only one who does that?). 

Being encouraged by these results I have purchased some more fabric with clothes in mind.....

Do you sew any of your own clothes?

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