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Through The Lens

Images from the last week or so, memories I want to savour.....

* Miss G enjoying birthday sparklers for Miss O's birthday.
* Miss O made a delicious ice cream cake for her 13th birthday - we currently have 5 teenagers.
* Miss O enjoying using my new sewing machine - this delights my heart!
* Some of Miss O's creations, some filled with rice, others with lavender.
* Our twins had a wonderful friend stay a few days, they taught her to play ukulele.
* Neighbourhood amarillas/hippeastrums in full bloom.
* Miss E senior was home from Sydney for a few days, arriving and leaving in the dark.
* Discovered some 'ruins' behind the town's Sherif's office today.
* Miss O and Miss V had their first cricket game for the season this afternoon -
* which didn't finish until 7pm - no textures or apps, just dusky graininess from my phone.
Raspberry Lemon Muffins which I baked for Miss O's birthday, using some home ground flour.
* Miss E with Miss O's birthday sparklers.
* Miss O enjoying her birthday (which happens to be the day after her father's).
* Trusting you will also find some beauty, joy and contentment in your day, for each day IS special!


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