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Ginger Blossoms: Almost Done

Simple borders have been added, just as Karen Moore did in her original Ginger Blossom Pinwheel which I am shamelessly copying. Basting was completed on our large dining table, in two halves. I'm using Sew Easy 50/50 Bamboo Cotton batting for this quilt - a beautiful light even-coloured soft batting with minimal flecks. Then the straight-line quilting began. I find I have best control if I roll each side up, letting the quilt feed through the machine while I hold each roll as if they were reins on a horse.

Early this morning, before the children began to stir, I finished the quilting on Ginger Blossom Pinwheels. I would not have dreamt of using my noisy old machine with clackety walking foot while any were sleeping. I do however, find that my new machine skips the odd stitch here and there, sometimes several in a row, even after changing needles, so if any have suggestions to help, I'd love to hear from you.

This is the first quilt I have sewn without prewashing all fabrics. Using a fat quarter bundle it seemed impractical (and it is generally not advisable to prewash these smaller pieces of fabric), however I find the smell/chemicals tend to irritate my throat when I've been working with the unwashed fabrics for a while. I'm contemplating squaring the quilt, zigzagging the edges and giving it a couple of washes (along with the binding fabric separately) before I attempt to attach the binding and hand stitch it on the quilt back. I'll let you know how I go...

I'm keen to finish Ginger Blossoms so Miss O can begin to use it and so I can start to play with the beautiful organic fabrics which have arrived since I last posted. More on that soon!

*Update: I did square off and zigzag the edges, washing and line drying the quilt and separate binding fabric twice! I'm very pleased to be able to report that this almost completely removed the new fabric/dye smells/irritation and has caused no further issues.  :)

*** You can see the completed quilt in use a few days later here.

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