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Gracie McMusic

Everyday Miss G - Gracie - disappears downstairs and sings her little heart out. When I hear her, whether at home or at church, I stop          and listen. Her gorgeous, gentle, heartfelt voice has this impact on me. Early this morning Gracie shared her talents outside a coffee shop, along with her guitar teacher from earlier years (also sharing his quality instruments and equipment). She hadn't sung in a public setting like this and she was very well received. She turned 17 a few days ago and I can see much more singing in her future - it is her passion. Her twin sister, Miss N, also has a lovely, perfectly complementary voice and plays several instruments but her greater passion is sport.

A few months ago Gracie started her own YouTube channel to share covers of her singing and playing. She has recorded these at home, all by herself, using my Canon DSLR and uploaded them unedited. You can have a look - or a listen - here.

She hopes to continue to develop her talents and one day buy some better instruments and equipment. For now, her guitar teacher is keen to have her share any singing engagements he may book.

And I will continue to enjoy listening to our little songbird everyday.

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