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Sweet (Sweltering) November

The jacarandas have been beautiful again this year, spreading their purple haze all around our town for weeks.
Another generation of Australian Wood Ducks are walking our streets. We watched during one dusk walk as an oncoming car stopped to let them safely cross the road - much to our relief!
16 year old Miss N has had two games of first grade night cricket with our local club. She is decidedly dwarfed beside her fellow team mates.
For my birthday this year I requested gifts of service from our children - which were given, as well as chocolate.
My husband seconded one of my organic fabric orders to serve as part birthday gift - isn't it beautiful - Wildwood by Cloud 9 - just what I wanted!   ;)
One of the best birthday treats was having Miss E (6) wear a dress which I made in 2011 for Miss V (which she never once wore!). She didn't last the whole day in the dress but I enjoyed every minute of seeing her wear it. You can just see where she has lost a top tooth too.
I completed my Ginger Blossom pinwheels quilt late Wednesday night and gently tucked it around a sleeping Miss O straight away. It is a delight to see her enjoying this quilt, one long enough to keep her toes warm too!
Today is not quilt weather! The cucumbers were struggling to manage at 11 am, despite me giving them a long drink around sunrise. The gazanias seem to be loving the sunshine. Now noon, it is already the hottest day of the year at 39C (102 f) and the mercury is still climbing (update:it reached 43C at 2.30pm, and was over 40C for several hours). Master J is leaving right now to play cricket in the heat, all afternoon. We need to attend a function elsewhere in town which hopefully will be air-conditioned......
Sweet and sweltering.  :)

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