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At The Gabba


The atmosphere and details of a sport's event can't be fully captured, even by TV. This is why our older five children booked tickets to the First day's play of the cricket test match between India and Australia in Brisbane. They left around sunrise on Wednesday morning, it's a four hour drive to The Gabba, as the ground is affectionately known (located in the suburb of Woolloongabba).

It was a very hot and humid day, even more so within the stadium, both for the players and the spectators sitting in the sun, seven and a half hours long - and that's just Day one. A cricket test match lasts for up to five consecutive days. 

They loved seeing their favourite players up close, watching the pre-game Toss to see which side has first choice of batting or fielding, seeing the bowlers marking their run-ups with paint.....

It was very late at night when they arrived safely home - and now they continue to watch the game on TV. As I type this, day Four's play is underway and it looks like Australia has a good chance of winning. The cricketers in our family will soon need to drag themselves away from the action to play their own local Saturday afternoon games. 

*All photos taken by Miss N and her twin sister, Gracie.

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