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Cloud 9 and Christmas Delights

Some more delicious Cloud 9 organic fabrics have arrived from the US. I love the colours and prints, the Cirrus solids collection combines beautifully with many Cloud 9 collections. However I don't like how these solids crease so badly and take considerable ironing, the darker the colour the greater the problem. Cirrus solids are heavier than the Cloud 9 lightweight quilter's fabrics, they are a broadcloth yarn dyed fabric with a more distinct weave with a slight shot appearance (and not one solid ran colour as I washed them). The fabrics above are still wet, drying after I hand washed them this morning.

* Colour above is Coral, not Salmon-oops!

I'm labelling each Cirrus selvedge scrap with their colour names for future reference.

Now I have some more variety to add to the Wildwood HST quilt I began a little while ago. The two+ week wait for parcels from the US gives one plenty of time to consider plans for new quilts....

Miss E senior arrived home from college late Saturday night, just in time to participate in our much looked forward to tree decorating on the weekend after the twins' birthday. This year various ones were taking selfies and time-lapse recordings of the process. These days my husband and I stand back and watch the action with delight, rejoicing in seeing the children celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season and reminiscing on the changing seasons of parenthood.

Yes, that is our door wreath, and just like last year, it became embedded in Miss N's hair....

Gracie is singing as usually, this time using a tree decoration as a microphone! Thank you for your encouraging comments regarding her singing in my previous post. She was so well received by the coffee shop owners and customers that she has been asked to sing there again this Saturday morning.

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