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Each Day is Precious

Just another Sunday at church - wild kangaroos who 'own' the grounds, and a young poinciana tree beginning to provide shade for cars to park under. Inside our humble concrete brick church Gracie, on guitar, Miss N, playing cajon 'drum', and Miss E on keyboard are practicing as part of the music team before church begins - (Master T preparing projector and sound).

'Just another Sunday' with quick snaps from my phone - except that it became the last Sunday for one of our church family, a single mum with two young children who inexplicably died Monday night, the same night a fatal hostage siege in Sydney saddened our country (in a Lindt cafe our twins have been to). 

 Each day is precious.....

Hobbs Heirloom Organic Cotton batting -
with scrim on the left, without scrim on the right.
(Both are the same colour,
there is just more shadow on the left.)
On the sewing front, I have completed a quilt top and back using my Wildwood organic fabrics, mixed with several other Cloud 9 organic fabrics.  I have sourced a second organic cotton batting which is 100% organic cotton with no scrim  - it looks and feels softer and smoother than the organic batting with scrim, even though both are produced by Hobbs. The batting without scrim requires closer quilting to keep it stable and is also more suitable for hand quilting. As with many cotton battings, both have flecks of plant matter through them.

Yesterday I carefully pre-washed and dried the 100% organic cotton batting following the instructions on the plastic wrapper. It is now even softer and wrinkle free. I'm looking forward to basting the quilt, hopefully tomorrow.

Finishing off with photos of Miss E junior. Yesterday her oldest brother, Master J, took her shopping to buy her own fishing rod, which of course she then had to try out! She caught a good size Garfish at the local jetty and was delighted. The fish was safely released back into the river.

Take care, and treasure the people in your life each day.

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