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Promises, Peace and Hope

Storm clouds can be both terrifying and beautiful at the same time. I don't understand the details of what I see, nor do I know how and when each of these ever-changing clouds will cease to be. 

These summer storm clouds whisper to me of our family's walk through 2014. There have been many, many good things to be grateful for, however my husband has had major health struggles through this year, a culmination of 24 years of eczema, cortisone over use and withdrawal. He has been unable to drive since February, unable to work since early April and unable to read properly for the last eight months. We've walked through each storm as it has come along, often feeling rather battered, thinking it will be the last - then another hits, and another, and another.....

But I'm choosing to be grateful for the rain and growth which results from the storms and for friends who have prayed and that I know we never walk alone.

I'll keep watch for the promises, peace and hope which 2015 will surely bring - while remembering that each day truly is a precious gift and a new beginning. Wishing you all a bright and hope-filled New Year!

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