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2014 Was....

A year of FAMILY changes and milestones.

We had a wonderful family holiday in February, followed immediately by our eldest two children leaving home to begin college/university courses far away. Quite a change for this homeschooling family.
Cricket dominated much of the year for our five players and especially for our now 17 year old twins who have each made state selections again for Women's Under 18's. They will be playing in the National Championships at Ballarat once more next week.
Gracie is making moves towards pursuing her passion for music.
My husband has been unwell and off work since early April bringing much change to our family dynamics.
With 5 wonderful teenagers in the house (and one older and two younger) food disappears very quickly....

A year of exploring THREADS.

Over the last year I have bought many different threads for a variety of quilting purposes and several other thread types were gifted to me to try out. This has been a major highlight of my year, a bright spot in my days which have often needed to be focused on my husband's health needs.
If you wish to know more, click on the 'threads' label in the right hand column.

A year of happy QUILT FINISHES.

Doesn't it do wonders for the soul to work with your hands to finish something so useful and beautiful as a quilt. Details of each one can be found under the 'Completed Quilts' tag at the top of the page.

A year of VARIETY.

A small pincushion, a cross-stitched butterfly, two skirts and two tops - each one designed and created to fill a need.
Three quilt panels were quilted by request/commission. My 29 year old sewing machine broke down midway through the second quilt panel. My amazing new machine, now permanently set up in our main living area, has been a tremendous blessing to me in so many ways.


Beginning to discover the importance of choosing organic cotton (fabric, batting, thread, bedding and clothing) has changed the way I view and shop for these items. The more I learn, the easier it is to resist buying any cotton item which is not organic - passing by super cheap fabric, bedding and clothes in favour of purchasing or making organic items. There are some gorgeous organic fabrics available and more being released each month. I look forward to sharing further in the future.

And last, but by no means least, I managed to Find Beauty, Joy and Contentment in my everyday life, even if I had to work a little harder at it than most years!   :)

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