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Coming Home

My husband sat nearby as I stitched down the last of the Wildwood quilt binding by hand. He couldn't help but notice how much I was enjoying the process. He said it gives him great pleasure to watch me sewing. 
'I feel like I've come home' I replied. 

Working with soft, clean organic cotton fabric fills me with a sense of great contentment which is hard to explain. I've been creating with needle and thread in one form or another since I was three years old, it is just part of who I am. Having recently discovered more about conventional cotton production as well as my own sensitivity to chemicals, I am all the more grateful to embrace organic cotton. I can buy, wash, cut, press, sew and use organic cotton with a deep peace of mind and body - like it's where I belong.

Completed on Boxing Day, I was waiting for some quilt labels before sharing this finish. The labels arrived early this week, a little mark of craftsmanship to accompany each new quilt as it prepares to head off into the world.

Today I set up a Pieces of Contentment Etsy shop. It has just one listing for now - this quilt, my first ever 100% organic cotton quilt. It's looking rather lonely there. I do however have another rather different organic cotton quilt, completed a few days ago, just waiting for me to share here and also add to my Etsy shop. You can just catch a glimpse of it in my shop banner......

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