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Rich, Indulgent, Delicious

"It's rich, indulgent and so delicious" - that's what the recipe said and it was true! Miss E found the photo/recipe for German Chocolate Cheesecake by Willow Bird Baking and she and her visiting college friend, Miss C, set about making it late last week. We finished eating the last of it today. 

There are six layers in total - the mix of flavours and textures is excellent. It certainly is very rich, somewhat expensive and very time consuming to make. Miss E and Miss C joked with each other about impressing young gentlemen with such a cake one day.

We had the privilege of Mark Hemans visiting our church again this weekend. His teachings and ministry are very refreshing and encouraging. Last night Mark was sharing about how faith focusses on Jesus, the Word of God. Faith sees Jesus and the answer. Satan wants us to focus on the problem. Jesus never focussed on the problem, he focussed on the Father. 
Mark shared wonderful pearls of wisdom, riches for the soul, and prayed for many. 

Today, January 26th, is Australia Day, the day we remember the arrival of the first fleet of convicts/settlers in 1788. Part of today's local celebrations included a Mayor's cricket game. Our twins played (against each other) in the juniors' warm up game on this hot and humid Monday. A very Australian way to commemorate this day and honour our British heritage.

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