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Still Standing?

Gracie is back, sweet music and song fill the air as I type. Both Grace (far left) and Miss N (far right) returned yesterday from the Women's Under 18's Cricket National Championships. They each enjoyed their time, playing in different state sides but I think their most exciting news was that they bumped into Virat Kohli (India's test Cricket Captain) while between flights in Sydney airport yesterday - and they had the photo to prove it! Grace's team members straightened her hair the night before - again. Both were very pleased to be home, and we are delighted to have everyone safely together again.

A day trip brought new sights and adventure to some of our other children and Miss E's guest yesterday, Master J being the driver and photographer.

A long awaited parcel arrived this morning with organic cotton goodies, including this Scanfil organic thread which I have been waiting on to sew the binding for the Plus quilt I started last week. I have plans for later today.....

While I was waiting for the thread above to arrive I began another organic cotton quilt and I really love how it's turning out with a mix of Sulky variegated thread machine quilting and hand quilting with some of my favourite Gutermann buttonhole silk twist! Hoping to have both quilts completed by this time next week.

Other family news is that my husband has made a tentative return to work this week, and is doing reasonable well, even if he did fall asleep while standing at his computer yesterday.... bruising only his ego. His sight in one eye is at last good enough to read a little and other health issues are slowly resolving. It's been a long road.

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