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Our first ever sunflowers (all two of them!) are in bloom - aren't they a spectacular flower! In fact they are in Miss E's colourful little garden. She planted the seeds herself and now they are taller than me! The collage below backtracks about three months when we surprised her with her own mini garden bed just after we set up our main beds. The middle photo is E patting down the sunflower seeds.

Above is the same view this afternoon.....Yep, it's mid summer. The climbing beans have finished and the cucumber vines have invaded everywhere way beyond their garden bed. 

Found this Lebanese cucumber early today - the (biggest) one that got away, hiding under leaves.

The Lilly Pillies in our front yard have nearly finished fruiting while the next set of flowers (below) are beginning to grow. I'm enjoying snacking on a few of these tart natives - the easiest of seasonal, local foods.

 I'm endeavouring the make the most of the last two weeks of our summer homeschool break, especially while it's too hot to enjoy gardening or much of anything outside except maybe the swimming pool! A baby sized soft organic Plus quilt, quite a pleasure to work in the cool while enjoying the air conditioning.

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