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Looking Around UNE

The University of New England in Armidale, where Master J is currently studying, has over 21, 000 students, however around 15, 000 of these are external students. UNE was the first Australian university to be established outside a state capital city.

Yesterday we had a look at Booloominbah, the oldest and original building on campus. Today we'll briefly look around the rest of the campus.

One thing which really stood out as we walked around was the huge variety of architectural styles of the various facilities, quite inspiring.

And I loved all the trees!

Master J lives on campus as the uni is nearly 3 hours drive from home. He took us for a quick look around his residential college, including a brand new kitchen facility which has just been installed while most students have been away over summer break.

With a much cooler climate the vegetation is very different to home on the river flats. J saw snow up here last year - the first time ever in his life.

The campus even has a healthy specimen of Wollemi Pine, which was only thought to exist in fossil records until living Wollemis were discovered in 1994.

I can certainly see why J loves it here. The campus is particularly beautiful now as everything is green during our summer months. The air is fresh and crisp, almost like a winter's day in our hometown. J has no asthma at all while living in Armidale. Winter is somewhat less liveable up here but still beautiful.

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