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Not Alone

Early this morning I had just picked the last of the late summer cucumbers when I turned to look at our only standing sunflower stalk, bowed over with age and plump seeds. It was then I realised I was not alone. This brilliant Australian King Parrot was quietly enjoying a leisurely breakfast of sunflower seeds, less than 2m/yards from where I stood.

I watched, stunned, soaking in this moment. He didn't fly away but kept feasting, deftly removing each seed and removing the flesh from the outer husk. Leaving quietly to return with my camera, he continued eating. Over the course of about 15 minutes, seven of our children also came downstairs to have a close look. Eventually he flew away, most likely no longer hungry. At no stage did he make any noise except for the sound of husks being removed and dropping. I'm wondering how many other mornings he has been a silent visitor, totally unnoticed......

Sharing at Saturday's Critters #61 and Wild Bird Wednesday.

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