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Wollomombi Falls

Now how's that for a crazy name - if you thought is must be an Australian Aboriginal word, you would be right. 'Wollomombi' is a derivative of an Aboriginal word for 'Meeting Place' as this is where two rivers plunge over the plateau top to the gorge floor - the Wollomombi on the left and the Chandler a little further back on the right.

These falls are about 40km east of Armidale along the Waterfall Way, not far from our accidental detour to Hillgrove. It is a little difficult to accurately show their size but these falls are one of the highest in Australia, and the highest falls in our state of NSW. 

Here you can see a section of the Wollomombi Falls. The amount of water coming over the falls ranges from a trickle to a torrent depending on recent rainfall.

There are several picnic areas and walking tracks. We headed off along one which began to steeply descend. I asked J to stop - as in - where are we going??? For if we take a long steep track down to the gorge floor, it will be a very long, hot, hard climb back to the top again. We had other places we wanted to visit and it was already afternoon. Thankfully it was decided to enjoy the view a little longer and head off to our next stop.

Looking downstream and out towards the Pacific Ocean which is just beyond view.

And I was somewhat relieved when J came back from the rocky edge of this drop too - he may be 20 but he still enjoys an 'adventure'.

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