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Change of Season

Second Grade prelim. final last weekend - Miss N batting

Second Grade Grand Final - Master J hitting big, batting with Miss N

Hot autumn days with occasional thunderstorms have left everything green and vibrant while winter vegetable plantings begin to sprout. After our recent homeschool visit to a local organic farm I have a renewed interest in bringing the best from our small backyard. I paid a visit to our local farmer's market this week, the first time in a couple of years. The market is very small but I was pleased with my purchases and hope to return soon. A few more organic products found their way into my regular shopping this week too.

The summer cricket season has just come to an end this afternoon (Sunday). Miss N captains a local Under 16's side - they won their two-day grand final on Friday afternoon at a beautiful nearby village ground. Miss N bowled brilliantly, wicket kept when not bowling and captained the side under great pressure to a very close and exciting win. She gave a gracious impromptu speech after their victory. 

The very next day (yesterday) she was playing again in the seniors Second Grade Grand Final. Above she is batting with older brother Master J who batted brilliantly as an opener. Their team have just won the game, with the rest of today's play being washed out by more thunderstorms. Miss G has also played well in both these teams, enjoying both wins equally as much.

Next weekend brings our first hockey games of the season....

On a personal note, we continue to hope for improvement in my husband's health as we try and piece together various conditions and medical results. Challenging, but it's through challenges that we grow - and nothing surprises God, He knows and cares and gives us a future and a hope. And now I think I'll head off and reacquaint myself with my sewing machine.....   :)

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