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Perfect Imperfections

 It's quite fun to take a photo on my phone, edit/filter and post with a brief comment - Instagram is wonderful. Even more so I'm enjoying the quick and easy ways of connecting by following and exploring 'linked' images via #s. Love it! I'm learning to live with the imperfections of my quick phone photos....

Here are a a few of my photos on Instagram this week (the sunset one above was uploaded to my phone, taken with my usual compact camera) plus some extras from the garden this afternoon. There's always something happening in the garden even if it's not quite what I had wanted....

1 & 2 an early morning walk
3 Flowers for Eleni - send Rachel Flowers.
4 Sunset over the river
5 Firming up plans for my next quilt, featuring Sarah Watson's Biology fabrics.
6 Parcel of 4 x 1/4 m pieces of fabric from Clair's Fabrics - organic and conventional cottons.
7 Miss E loves superheroes - appreciating the perfect imperfections of her work, one of the joys of homeschool.
8, 9, 10 Puffball fungi, stink/citrus bug and huge caterpillar in the garden this afternoon.

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