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Traversing Antarctica

Emperor Penguins and chicks, Weddell Seal, Cape Petrel - there was so much more to see than I had imagined. Our local art gallery is hosting the amazing, interactive exhibition 'Traversing Antarctica'. 

Yesterday our homeschool group visited the exhibition and were treated to a fascinating talk and question and answer time with Graham Cook, a local who has spent around six years in total in Antarctica as a station leader.

Antarctica is over twice as large as Australia and around one and a half times the size of the USA. Australia has three permanently manned stations/bases there where much scientific research is carried out. It is home to 100,000s of Emperor Penguins, the largest penguin in the world, standing around 120cm/4 feet tall. Husky dogs have been banned from Antarctic since 1991 along with all introduced species (other than people). We learnt many, many interesting facts about this vast frozen continent but this was literally just the tip of the iceberg!

Having looked at the internet and some library books, Miss E, Miss V and I returned for a leisurely look at the exhibition this afternoon - and had the entire art gallery to ourselves. Miss E tried her 'How to Train a Dragon' pose before insisting on having her turn behind the camera.

Somehow I think I gained even more from this exhibition than the children.

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