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Happy Butterflies

A little cutting and sewing, pressing and trimming as time allows and slowly my collection of happy butterfly blocks has steadily grown. Next week I plan to begin sewing these together, most likely in a pleasant random swarm of beautiful colour! The feature collection is Biology, a recent Cloud 9 release by Sarah Watson, mixed with some Cloud 9 Cirrus solids along with a Nancy Mim's Pick a Bunch print and a smattering of organic solids also from Robert Kaufman. All wonderfully fresh and organic.

I began with 7" squares of fabric, using a scant 3/8" seam as I find a larger seam more secure, especially when sewing on the bias. Making up my own plans as I go I figure there's no reason to stick with the conventional scant 1/4" seam. I've never really understood why this very narrow seam allowance has become the standard for the unfinished seams in quilting - I guess that's my earlier sewing background wanting to have a secure finish. Each hourglass block has been trimmed down to a 5 3/4" square, although I prefer to think of them as my butterflies.  :)

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