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The Passion Flower

As the Autumn showers lifted the sounds of bird song filled the air this Easter Sunday afternoon, enticing me outside. Then I noticed the unmistakable fragrance of a fresh passionfruit flower. Even though summer is over and some of the plump, delicious, purple fruit already enjoyed, the vine continues to surprise with these beguiling tropical blooms.

A little google search led me to interesting origins of the name of the Passionflower or Passionfruit, so named by 15th and 16th Spanish Christian missionaries due to the symbolism they found within the flower's structure to Christ's final week and particularly his crucifixion. (You can find more here under Etymology and Names).

Symbolic or not, I surely enjoy their fragrance and visual delights - as well as their wonderful seeds! 
A very joyous Easter to all!

* An earlier post featuring the amazingly quick opening of these flowers can be found here and while more details of their beauty can be seen here.

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